&niped institute

&niped is a knowledge institute specialized in personalized prevention, early diagnostics and E-health
Netherlands Institute for Prevention and e-Health Development (NIPED)

E-health platform for personal prevention

&niped has a scientically validated knowledge platform allowing structural mass implementation of personal prevention and early detection strategies in healthcare systems

E-health platform

E-health platform

Innovative, scientific knowledge platform for personal prevention

Scientific research

Scientific research

Scientific assessment of implementation and effectiveness of E-health applications



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Become a partner?

Become a partner?

&niped platform is open for international knowledge and distribution partners

NIPED E-health platform

The core of the &niped approach is a scientifically validated expert system providing a secure on-line account which allows participants to establish and monitor their personal health profile. Participants can enrich end refine  their personal profile through additional (self)measurements and laboratory testing. Based on their personal health profile, users are, if indicated, referred to individualized medical, psychological, and lifestyle interventions. The NIPED platform contains the complete regional stepped care intervention providers which establishes the best match between health profile and intervention provider nearby. Deployment of the NIPED platform substantiates personalised health care.


On the basis of the e-health platform, various personalised prevention applications have been developed including www.preventiekompas.nl, www.testuwleefstijl.nl and recently www.persoonlijkegezondheidscheck.nl




Vision & Mission

Our current health care system is mainly inspired by disease. We only go to the doctor with complaints. However, symptoms occurred very late in the natural history of disease processes and are therefore often (too) late departure point for effective therapy. There is often then already involved non-recoverable organ damage, such as after a heart attack or stroke, or metastasis, such as in cancer. Also, the diagnosis of diabetes or a depression means before the end of a long-term process, then the onset of a disease. This method involves complexing, lengthy and therefore expensive, chronic treatments along with it.

Personalised prevention

The core of the NIPED approach is an expert system that scientifically validated to be determined by means of a secure on-line account participants enables a personal health profile and to be monitored. Participants can enrich their personal profile and refine through additional biometrics and laboratory. On the basis of the personal health profile, users are, if necessary, referred to medical, psychological, and lifestyle interventions to size. The NIPED platform contains the complete stepped care intervention offerings and find the best match between health profile and intervention offer nearby. Deployment of the NIPED personal health management platform makes concrete.

From diseasecare to healthcare

The current organizational model of care is priceless. This is mainly due to the annual increase in health care costs due to the aging population and increasing life expectancy. More and more people have many and costly care. Moreover, demographic aging will cause less care staff are available. In addition, changes the role and the needs of the patients. They want to be more and more actively involved in their own health and wellbeing. They do not want to be kept ignorant and want (and can) always have often largely self-directed. They are increasingly using the Internet, social networking and mobile technology to enhance their self-reliance.